Welcome to SNC
Welcome to SNC

The Second National Communication (SNC) of Nepal is the continuation of previous work. The project enables Nepal to present the information in a consistent, transparent and comparable as well as flexible manner, taking into account specific national circumstances. In brief, the project aims to:
(i) assist Nepal with enabling activities; necessary to undertake an improved national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory;
(ii) plan for actions for the mitigation of climate change and adaptation to its potential impacts of climate change; and
(iii) prepare the country’s Second National Communication (SNC) to the Conference of the Parties (COP) of the UN Framework convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). All principle aspects of the “Guidelines for the Preparation of National Communication from the Parties Not Included in Annex I to the Convention” will be taken into consideration while preparing the SNC. Data gaps will be covered and reliability improved as far as possible.

The main components of the SNC formulation project are:
(a) evaluation of national circumstances;
(b) updating of the inventory of GHGs for the year 2000;
(c) technologies and methodologies and to build capabilities to be able to perform such activities;
(d) assessment of potential impacts of climate change in selected areas of Nepal and prioritization of adaptation measures; and
(e) preparation and submission of the SNC of Nepal. In addition, public awareness activities and stakeholder consultation will be undertaken as the cross-cutting activities during the overall course of this exercise therefore the preparation of the Second National Communication would enhance general awareness and knowledge on climate change-related issues in Nepal, and support to the process of national planning and policy formulation.... more..

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